Tips for scheduling your email campaigns

If you're new to email marketing you might be keen to send your first campaign as quickly as possible. But did you know that different times of the day are better than others for improving your open rates? Picking the right time will mean that more people are likely to read your email.

The best day

Most research suggests that Monday to Thursday are the best days of the week to send an email – and apparently sending on a Tuesday can result in a 10% higher open rate than any other weekday. Typically, weekend sends perform the worst.

The best time

The time of day is also important, and we see that between 10 am and 2 pm is often the best time.

Test, test, test!

All industries, businesses and audiences are different – so the best advice is to keep testing to see what works best for you.

Take timezones into account

If you have a global subscriber base, don't forget to take their timezone into account. You can create a different list for each timezone and schedule your campaigns accordingly.

Keep it consistent

Once you have tested, keep it consistent. It's best that your subscribers know when to expect your emails instead of receiving your marketing on random days at irregular times.

Schedule your emails in advance

You can use the scheduling feature in EmailOctopus to set your campaigns to send at any date, time and timezone – so with a little testing, it's easy to find the right day and time that works best for your marketing strategy.

Almost there! You've scheduled your email, now for the final step of analysing it.

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