We're committed to being an ethical, sustainable company that gives back to the community. Here are some ways that we're doing good through EmailOctopus.

Supporting ocean cleanup

We care about all sea creatures, not just octopuses! That’s why we’re proud to partner with Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, one of the world’s largest ocean cleanup nonprofits. Each year we donate some of our profits to help fund coastal cleaning to save wildlife and protect our oceans.

Discounts for nonprofits

If you’re a nonprofit, we want to support your mission – that’s why all nonprofits using EmailOctopus get a 20% lifetime discount.

Contact us to find out more and get your discount!

Commitment to ethical email marketing

We’re passionate about building an email marketing community that’s ethical, legal, and delivers great content. To support our commitment to ethical email, we’ve created free resources like the email marketing guide and a list of email marketing regulations around the world.

SaaS startup mentoring

As a self-funded startup with a remote team around the world, we’ve learnt some valuable lessons on our journey – and we’d love to share them with you. If you’ve got questions about running or starting a SaaS company, schedule a call with our Chief Operating Officer, Tom.

Schedule a call

Please note that this program is strictly for business advice. If you have a technical question about using EmailOctopus or want to speak to us about an opportunity, please send us a message instead.

Other ideas

If you have an idea about how we can do more to give back, just get in touch. We'd love to hear from you

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