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Pamela Crane, best-selling author
An email from Pamela Crane, best-selling author

Bring your stories to life with beautiful emails

Customise any template with our easy-to-use drag and drop editor, import your own HTML templates or build your own.

Tailor your emails to suit your audience

Group your contacts by their preference for genre, reading device or if they're likely to review your latest release.

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Welcome new subscribers automatically

Entice readers with sample chapters via an automated series of emails.

Explore automation

Streamline your workflow without needing to code

Plug into your favourite apps via our Zapier integration, including publishing platforms and form builders.

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Eddie deAngelini, author

Join authors like you reaching their readers with EmailOctopus

I love that a fun and eye-catching email newsletter design is so simple and easy. I don't have to be a techie. If I can imagine it, I can do it!

Eddie deAngelini, author

Friendly support to help you every step of the way

Magdalena, Customer Success Manager

Our team are always on hand to help – from getting you started to making the most of your email campaigns.

Magdalena, Customer Success Manager

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