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EmailOctopus sends your emails through Amazon's Simple Email Service (SES), saving money without sacrificing deliverability.

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Prices are estimated on an average of one campaign a week. For an exact calculation, try our savings calculator.
EmailOctopus price includes Amazon SES fees. We regularly check the prices of our competitors, but please contact us if you spot any discrepancies.

Features which make email marketing simple

Send campaigns using our beautiful pre-designed templates

Our rich set of email templates allow you to create a campaigns which look beautiful across all devices, in a matter of minutes.

Analyse and optimise your marketing

Within 30 minutes of sending your first campaign, EmailOctopus will provide in-depth data on its performance. Track every open, click, bounce and unsubscribe.

Automate your campaigns

EmailOctopus offers simple yet powerful automation which you can use to create time-based onboarding and drip sequences.

What's Amazon SES?

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is a service provider which allows users to send emails at scale, for very little cost by using the same infrastructure as Amazon.com. The SES platform, built of the Amazon's Web Services architecture scales as you do and supports the sending of both marketing and transactional emails.

At EmailOctopus, we work in harmony with SES to offer all the essential list and campaign management features which you'd expect from an email marketing platform. Whereas Amazon SES was once a platform only to be utilised by technical users, EmailOctopus helps bring all the benefits, including great deliverability, to all.

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Over 34,000 organisations trust EmailOctopus for their email marketing

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