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Switching from Mailchimp to EmailOctopus could cut your email bill in half – especially if you have a large list. On average, people who switch save over 60%.

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Mailchimp's complexity brings higher costs, which could mean you're paying for features you just don't need. We keep it simple and give you everything you need to connect with your audience.

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Our prices aren't just lower – they're fairer, too

Mailchimp's three-tiered pricing means their best features come with a higher price tag. We offer all our tools to all paid users and our flexible pricing scales with the size of your list. Which means you pay for exactly what you use and nothing more.

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We don't charge for unsubscribed contacts

Mailchimp counts your unsubscribed contacts in your monthly plan limit. We don't. So if your contacts do unsubscribe, you won't have to pay to keep their data.

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Friendly service from a friendly team

Excellent customer service has always been our priority. We give friendly, speedy support to customers on both our free and paid plans. We're a small team (of humans, not bots) and our customers mean everything to us.

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Why customers like you are making the switch

Before EmailOctopus we used Mailchimp. We made the switch because, as our mailing lists kept growing, Mailchimp was simply becoming too expensive.

Camilla Westergaard, Folksy

Friendly support to help you every step of the way

Magdalena, Customer Success Manager

Our team are always on hand to help – from getting you started to making the most of your email campaigns.

Magdalena, Customer Success Manager

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