If you’ve been wondering how EmailOctopus compares to MailerLite, you’ve just stumbled upon the answer.

MailerLite, with its start as a web design and development agency in 2005, has now established itself as one of the most reliable firms for email marketing. EmailOctopus, although far newer to the market, can match their features at a much lower price point.

Our comparison of EmailOctopus and MailerLite

Subscriber list management
Handling unsubscribed and ‘bounces'

Email automation tools
Wide-range of email templates to select from
Tailored reports and insights on campaigns and automation
Integration to over 500 web services through Zapier
Monthly cost for 205,000 subscribers. Sending 1 email per week
$184.80 USD (inc Amazon SES fees)
$490.00 USD
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Detailed comparison of the essential services they provide

We take a more indepth look at the two respective platforms, and compare their feature sets.

Importing subscribers

Importing your contacts on EmailOctopus is as seamless MailerLite, there's very little difference in how they can be used. You simply export your user list from your current email service provider, and ensure the columns are formatted correctly for your new provider. You can even create separate lists for targeted emails.

Both providers allow you to insert email address and name fields, which are very handy to allow you to create personalised campaigns for your users.

Email newsletter design

Regardless of whether you’re a pro at working with HTML or if you’re new to the concept altogether, you can create effective newsletter designs with both EmailOctopus and MailerLite. They both allow you to use simple WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor which allows non-technical users to build basic emails very quickly. You can also input any HTML you have already, so if for example you have an already created newsletter, you simply copy and paste your HTML in and away you.

This is supported by a wide range of templates that both EmailOctopus and MailerLite provide to you. With these tools at your disposal, email marketing success is imminent.


Both EmailOctopus and MailerLite have automation integrated into the platform you used. This is handy tool in giving your email marketing a personal touch and in helping you connect better with your subscribers.

MailerLite uses workflows that are designed to send out automated emails in response to particular actions.

EmailOctopus, on the other hand, uses automation based on time and lists. After a user enters a list you can send them a specific email X days/hours later. This feature is easy to use for even none technical users.


EmailOctopus relies on Amazon SES to send your emails. By utilising Amazon's expertise in email deliverability we can ensure your emails get delivered with our servers blacklist free.


When it comes to pricing the difference can become significantly apparent between the firms as your business grows. If you’re starting at 2500 subscribers, MailerLite charges at $20 each month, with EmailOctopus, you can go up to 10,000 for just $19. But, when you move up the scale to 250,000 subscribers at MailerLite $590 each month, EmailOctopus competes at $109 each month for the same number of subscribers.

The main differences

The differences between EmailOctopus and MailerLite lay almost totally in the pricing. The features though not exactly the same, are incredibly similar with only minor differences.

Why not give EmailOctopus a try? Our customer support team is on hand to help you get set-up and answer your questions. EmailOctopus is constantly evolving, in fact, we're adding features such as adding new templates, list segmentation, and extending the automation, over the coming months. All plans start on a free 14-day trial, easy to cancel before beginning your paid account. There's absolutely no commitment, all you need is a credit card and valid email address.

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