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Kai Brach, Dense Discovery
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Folksy uses EmailOctopus to send eye-catching emails to customers of Britain's best designers and makers

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Newsletter creator

Weekly celebrity newsletter Popbitch were looking for flexibility, support and lower costs – they found it with EmailOctopus

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Music industry

Dreamville Records uses EmailOctopus to build their artists' brands and keep fans engaged

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On average, EmailOctopus users save over 60% on the cost of their email marketing

Record label Dreamville spends $1,000 less each month since moving to EmailOctopus.

Independent author Liz Gavin saves over $700 each year since switching to EmailOctopus.

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Startup hub Level39 rely on EmailOctopus to deliver important information that their members need to see

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Indie Hacker

Zero to Marketing use EmailOctopus to send out a weekly dose of marketing inspiration to budding startup founders

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Charities and nonprofits

No Panic support people living with anxiety disorders and save money on their email marketing with EmailOctopus

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International bestselling romance writer Liz Gavin grows her valuable mailing list while saving money with EmailOctopus

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