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Switching from ConvertKit to EmailOctopus could save you some serious money. You could slash your email marketing costs by up to three-quarters with EmailOctopus.

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EmailOctopus is free for up to 2,500 subscribers, which makes it the most generous free plan of all ConvertKit alternatives. Free plan users also get access to all the same features that Pro plan users do, including automations and integrations.

ConvertKit is only free for up to 1,000 subscribers. And if you want to set up welcome emails or integrate with other apps, you'll need to pay.

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All the key features, cheaper than ConvertKit

With EmailOctopus you can create beautiful, responsive emails with our drag-and-drop editor. You can set up automations and analyse campaign activity. Plus you can segment your contacts, but all for a much lower price.

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Simple yet powerful automation that's easy to master

ConvertKit is great if you want to use advanced automation. But for those just starting out with email automation, it can be a steep learning curve. We keep it simple with time-based drip sequences that are quick and easy to set up, making EmailOctopus a great alternative for those new to email marketing.

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The same integrations you love

Thanks to Zapier and Make, EmailOctopus connects with thousands of your most-used web services. Just like ConvertKit, you can connect EmailOctopus with WordPress, ClickFunnels, Acuity Scheduling, Facebook, Teachable and all their respective alternatives.

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A friend recommended EmailOctopus to me. I was impressed by the features, reviews, and the competitive pricing. I haven't looked back ever since.

Andrea Bosoni, Zero to Marketing

Friendly support, helping you switch from ConvertKit

Magdalena, Customer Success Manager

Our team are always on hand to help – from getting you started to making the most of your email campaigns.

Magdalena, Customer Success Manager

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