Comparing what’s on offer in the email marketing world? Or are you looking for an alternative to ConvertKit? We’ve done the work for you. Here we look at EmailOctopus and see how its features compare to ConvertKit, a prime choice for professional bloggers.

Our comparison of EmailOctopus to ConvertKit

Complete list management
User-friendly list import and export features
Customisable sign-up forms with a professional look
Beginner friendly automation
Newsletter templates
Blogger friendly integrations with Wordpress
Integrations with over 500 services
Free trial
Monthly cost for 2,500 subscribers
$49.00 USD
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Comparing EmailOctopus and ConvertKit

We take a closer look at the features of the two respective platforms and how they compare.

Importing subscribers

Switching from your current email marketing provider and transferring your subscribers is easy with both these platforms. This can be done through uploading your CSV file or by inputting the details manually. This is a simple process, and can be done quickly by users with any level of expertise.

Email newsletter design choices

EmailOctopus provides you with endless opportunities to design email newsletters: there are plenty of options to suit your campaign needs. You can create plain text emails or use HTML to create your own designs. However, if you’re looking for a head start, select from a wide range of ready-to-use templates available to all our paid users. ConvertKit limit their designs to plain text emails. While plain text can be effective, it does limit your options when you're really looking to gain your subscribers’ attention.

Automation and drip campaigns

Keen on personalising your emails? Through automation, it’s easier than ever. Both EmailOctopus and ConvertKit allow you to use automation in order to send timed emails to your subscriber list.

You now have the opportunity to make a new subscriber feel personally addressed by setting up a drip campaign. With EmailOctopus, it’s easy to use and makes a great way to onboard your users, engage more with your audience and grow your subscriber list.


Both EmailOctopus and ConvertKit are able to provide you with statistics on how your email campaigns are performing in real-time.

With EmailOctopus these analytics are easy to find and interpret, regardless of your level of experience working with them. Once set up, analytics are a must for any user looking to maximise the potential of their email marketing.


EmailOctopus is widely regarded as the most affordable email marketing platform around. If you decide to start small, EmailOctopus allows you to try its service on a free plan with up to 2,500 subscribers, a feature ConvertKit does not offer. When considering the paid plans, at ConvertKit you would be charged $119 for a subscriber list of 10,000, whereas at EmailOctopus you would be charged just $30. The pricing gaps widen when you hit 250,000 subscribers, with EmailOctopus charging $505 a month, as opposed to ConvertKit’s charge of $1,579.

The main differences

The differences in features provided by EmailOctopus and ConvertKit are few. It is mainly user experience that differs across the platforms.

ConvertKit is a well-known choice for all bloggers, but at EmailOctopus, we have made sure that EmailOctopus is a blogger-friendly platform, just at a more affordable price point. This, combined with a professional design and expert features, makes EmailOctopus the ideal email marketing alternative for bloggers and businesses alike.

Time to give EmailOctopus a try? Our customer service team are available to help get you set up and will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Start with our free starter plan, designed specially for users new to email marketing, to discover what a simple, user-friendly alternative to ConvertKit we are!

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