We make it more affordable to contact your customers and subscribers

EmailOctopus sends billions of emails per year, helping thousands of users contact their subscriber base, for a fraction of the cost of competitors. Our team builds on years of experience growing some of the UK’s fastest growing startups to bring you essential customer marketing tools at disruptive price points.

EmailOctopus at a glance

Founded in 2014 with a London headquarters, EmailOctopus now sends billions of emails on behalf of a vast range of customers. Our small, dedicated, team works to create the most affordable email marketing platform in the world.

Our story

March 2014 - EmailOctopus is founded by two brothers, Jonathan and Gareth.

July 2014 - Moved out of private beta.

September 2014 - Paid plans launch.

June 2015 - We hit 1m total emails sent through the platform.

December 2015 - 100 paying customers use EmailOctopus.

April 2016 - Tom joins as Chief Operating Officer.

June 2016 - We move into our first London office in Hackney, alongside Payhip and Ticket Tailor.

November 2016 - We release our open source email templates.

February 2017 - We hit 1bn total emails sent through the platform.

Apr 2017 - 11,000 users now use EmailOctopus

July 2017 - Our team doubles in size, with an additional developer and marketer hired.