It’s your right to ensure that before selecting your email marketing service provider you can ensure you are making the right choice. This comparison can help you weigh up two big options available to you in EmailOctopus and AWeber, so that you can find the right fit.

A quick comparison between EmailOctopus and AWeber

Complete list management solution
Easy import and export of contacts
Stylish range of templates
Customisable automation
Tracking and analytics
Hundreds of integrations
Reliable customer service around the clock
Free plan for small-scale users
Monthly cost for 25,000 subscribers. Sending 1 email per week.
$42.80 USD (inc Amazon SES fees)
$149.00 USD
Try free for 14 days

The details that will make your decision

We take a more indepth look at the two respective platforms, and compare their feature sets.

Transferring subscribers

The import of customers is made as easy as ever by EmailOctopus and AWeber. This can be done a number of ways ranging from inputting the details manually to uploading a CSV file containing all your contacts in one go. Through customisable sign up forms, you can sit back and watch your subscriber list grow effortlessly.

AWeber and EmailOctopus leave the scope for you to equally easily export your subscriber list. At EmailOctopus, this can be done excluding the bounces and unsubscribed, ensuring that you have the correct list you need.

Email newsletter design

Both EmailOctopus and AWeber provide you with email templates, that are easy to use and give your marketing emails a genuine look of professionalism. For the users that prefer a more personal touch to their emails, both platforms provide the function to produce plain text email, to look like one you would send to your friend. An alternative for the pros would be to design your own emails, through the use of HTML, something that can be done by both these service providers.

AWeber also leaves the function for using drag & drop to design your emails, allowing you to quickly develop your own templates. These feature simplifies the process of designing emails for users with a lower level of technical skills.


The ability to send out out emails to new subscribers automatically is valuable and one which EmailOctopus and AWeber both provide with their automation. With EmailOctopus all automation is based upon time, allowing you to create complex onboarding sequences or simply just thank a user for joining your list.


The best way to measure the performance of your email marketing campaign is through analytics. EmailOctopus and AWeber provide you statistics real-time showing you click rates, open percentages, and so on, the numbers essential to measuring your results. These results can be used by your business to transform your campaign and genuinely make use of what works best for towards your subscribers.


Pricing can be a key influence in making your decision on which platform to use. At EmailOctopus you can start with a free of charge plan that lets you have up to 2500 subscribers. The cheapest plan from AWeber costs you $19 each month, even if you have 0-500 subscribers. If you manage to move up to a scale of 25,000 subscribers, the AWeber charges go up to $149 a month whereas with EmailOctopus, you can grow your list to 250,000 subscribers for only $109, a substantial difference. On top of this EmailOctopus does provide discounts for non-profits, making it the ideal choice for non-profit organisations.

The key differences

It is undeniable that AWeber manages to provide extensive versions of the same features as EmailOctopus, but to the user, the differences will seem minute considering the charges. EmailOctopus easily becomes the most affordable option, with a promising future ahead of it, growth is imminent.

Why not try EmailOctopus? Our support team are on hand to help you get started, and we're adding features such as templates and extending the automation, over the coming months. All plans include a free 14-day trial, free to cancel before the start of your paid account. There's absolutely no obligation, all you need is a credit card and valid email address.

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