We understand that before you select your email marketing provider, you want to ensure you are making the right choice. This comparison will help you weigh up the service provided by EmailOctopus and AWeber, so you can decide what is right for you and your business.

A quick comparison between EmailOctopus and AWeber

Complete list management solution
Easy import and export of contacts
Stylish range of templates
Customisable automation
Tracking and analytics
Hundreds of integrations
Reliable customer service around the clock
Free plan for small-scale users
Monthly cost for 15,000 subscribers
$45.00 USD
$149.00 USD
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Comparing EmailOctopus and AWeber

We take a closer look at the two respective platforms, and compare their feature sets.

Transferring subscribers

Importing customers is made easier than ever by both EmailOctopus and AWeber. This can be done a number of ways, ranging from inputting the details manually, to uploading a CSV file containing all your subscribers in one go. Thanks to customisable sign up forms, you can watch your subscriber list grow.

Equally, both platforms have scope for you to easily export your subscriber list. With EmailOctopus, this can be done by excluding the bounces and unsubscribes, ensuring that you have the correct list you need.

Email newsletter design

Both EmailOctopus and AWeber provide you with email templates that are easy to use and give your campaign emails a genuine look of professionalism. For users that prefer a more personal touch to their emails, both platforms have the function to produce plain text email. An alternative for more technically able users is designing your own emails, through the use of HTML, something that can be done on both these service providers.

If you’re looking for a drag and drop editor, then EmailOctopus and AWeber both have this ability, allowing you to develop your own templates quickly. This feature simplifies the process of designing emails without requiring a high level of technical skill.

Automation and autoresponders

Being able to send out emails to new subscribers automatically is a valuable feature, highly sought after by many customers. Fortunately, both EmailOctopus and AWeber support automation. At EmailOctopus, all automation is based upon time, allowing you to create complex onboarding sequences or simply just thank a user for joining your list.


The best way to measure the performance of your email marketing campaign is through analytics. EmailOctopus and AWeber provide you with real-time statistics displaying click-through rates, open percentages and more, the numbers essential to measuring your results. These results can be used by your business to transform your campaign and further your marketing goals. You will learn what works best for your email campaigns and what your subscribers like best.


Pricing is usually one of the biggest deciding factors when it comes to choosing an email marketing platform. At EmailOctopus, you won’t pay anything for a list of up to 2,500 subscribers, on our free plan. In contrast, the cheapest plan from AWeber will cost you $19 each month, even if you have fewer than 500 subscribers. If you have 15,000 subscribers, AWeber charges increase sharply, to $149 a month. EmailOctopus is a great alternative to AWeber in such cases: with us, you can grow your list to 15,000 subscribers for only $45, a substantial difference. On top of this, EmailOctopus provides a lifetime discount of 20% for non-profits, another reason to choose us for your email marketing.

The key differences

AWeber provides more extensive versions of the same features which EmailOctopus offer. To the user, the differences will seem small, once pricing has been considered. EmailOctopus is a great alternative to AWeber, if you’re looking for an affordable and reliable platform.

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