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From schools to universities, EmailOctopus is the best to manage your email lists and broadcast your emails.

Broadcast your message

It’s now easier than ever to get your messages across to broad groups of people. From friendly reminders to newsletters, you can send emails to any list you select. With EmailOctopus you are not limited on the number of lists you can store, you can even have a list for every class at your school. With our automation, you can program your emails to be delivered, exactly when you want them.

Design your emails with ease

EmailOctopus provides you with a range of options when customising your emails. We provide a wide range of free templates that are creative, unique and easy-to use. We also support any HTML, so you can create your own designs or go for a totally plain text design, if preferred.

Easy to use interface

Don’t have much experience with email marketing? That’s no problem when using EmailOctopus. Our interface is easy to navigate and our overall platform is simple to use. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional, at EmailOctopus you can make most of your email marketing.

Use for multiple purposes

From organising events within your school to promoting your services to the wider community, you can carry out a number of functions from one just one EmailOctopus account. Lists and Campaigns are treated separately so you can target specific subscribers with specific emails. You can even send campaigns from different email addresses making your account multi-functional.

Fits into any budget

Surely having all these amazing features in one package must be pricey? Not at all, at EmailOctopus, we offer prices far more competitive than any of our competitors. Have a look yourselves below.

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Prices are estimated on an average of one campaign a week. For an exact calculation, try our savings calculator.
EmailOctopus price includes Amazon SES fees. We regularly check the prices of our competitors, but please contact us if you spot any discrepancies.

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