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Whether it’s a discount you need or help setting up your account, we prioritise our customers. We welcome non-profits and charitable organisations

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Here at EmailOctopus, we care for the community around us. We want to foster relationships to organisations that do good work. This is why we take extra care of non-profit organisations, to ensure that we can help support the great things you’re doing.

Track your donations

Email marketing is all about the results. That’s why we let you track your results: see your statistics in real-time, such as email open rates, link click-through rates and more. Regardless of whether you want to increase your donations or raise awareness of your cause, EmailOctopus is a good choice for your organisation.

Excellent customer service at your fingertips

As a small business, our customers are our priority. We care about how you’re getting on. We also understand that not everyone is technically-minded. That’s why our support team is on hand to provide the answer to your questions as often as you need it, via email and live chat.

A lifetime discount to help charities and non-profits

We want to help non-profit organisations as much as we can. We keep you in mind with our 20% discount on all of our paid plans, for as long you choose to stay with us. On top of our low prices, this will ensure you’re getting the best deal on the market. Have a look at our prices below and try our free starter plan today. Let us help your organisation grow.

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Prices are estimated on an average of one campaign a week. For an exact calculation, try our savings calculator.

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