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Customisable campaigns

You can design your campaigns exactly how you want them to be at EmailOctopus. From the target list, the email layout, the sender email address, to even the time at which the email is sent, you can customise every little detail of your promotional campaign.

View your results in real-time

We understand that, as a business, email marketing is of value to you only when you produce results. That’s why through our analytics, users can view the results of their campaign as they come in. Thus, giving you the opportunity to constantly improve and develop your campaigns further.

Personal customer service

Customer service is important to any business. When you use our platform, our customer service is on hand to assist you through all the steps of the signup process and helping you navigate the platform once you’re set-up.


We believe in your firm and its scope to reel in tens of thousands of subscribers around the clock. To keep track of these subscribers and constantly cater to their needs is an unreasonable ask. That’s why we provide you with autoresponders so you can carefully create a drip campaign that will then ensure that subscribers in your list are taken care of.


When working with such an important part of your businesses operations, you need to know that we’re reliable. How can we ensure that for you? Simple, by using the Amazon SES, we give you a brand and name that you can trust.

Affordable prices

It’s important to all businesses that their email marketing provider fits into a budget. With, EmailOctopus we can help you save money without sacrificing performance. Just have a look at our prices below.

Mailchimp ---
Campaign Monitor ---
GetResponse ---
MailerLite ---

Prices are estimated on an average of one campaign a week. For an exact calculation, try our savings calculator.
EmailOctopus price includes Amazon SES fees. We regularly check the prices of our competitors, but please contact us if you spot any discrepancies.

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