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Save time and effort

Our user interface is easy to navigate; we designed it carefully with our users in mind, to make the email sending process straightforward. Regardless of whether you’re an email marketing beginner or expert, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Spend less time navigating a confusing platform and more time creating quality content for your blogs.

Customise your sign-up forms

As a blogger, you are good at engaging your readers with creative marketing campaigns. However, for engagement you need sign-ups. We lend you a hand by allowing you to freely customise the sign-up forms. And, by using the Wordpress plug-in, you can connect them to your blog effortlessly.

Rich template designs to suit you

You’ve created your content but you also want to make your emails stand out in a busy inbox. Select from the wide range of EmailOctopus templates. Every blogger is unique and you can find one to suit your own style. You can be sure your readers look forward to receiving your emails.

Connect with Wordpress

Is your blog Wordpress-based? For Wordpress users, we have a simple integration which allows you to paste a sign up widget anywhere on the page using a shortcode. The widget links straight into your EmailOctopus list, resulting in a seamless sign up process.

Autoresponders save you additional time and effort

Bloggers devote so much time and effort into creating their content. Having to stay in touch with your subscribers in addition to this can be taxing. That’s why, through the use of our automation tool, you can schedule emails to be sent out to individuals on your list. Devote more of your time to creating quality blog content when you choose us for your email marketing.

A market-leading free plan

Bloggers operate on a tight budget. They need a marketing platform that is both affordable and reliable. We run a blog ourselves and want to make sure EmailOctopus is accessible for bloggers. As such, our starter plan is designed with bloggers in mind, to help you get set up. You will not pay for a list of up to 2,500 subscribers. A tight budget should not mean compromising on quality. Compare our prices with other competitors on the market below.

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