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Who EmailOctopus integrate with

Integrate with your favourite apps

EmailOctopus integrates with over 500 products and services through Zapier. Plug in to all your favourite apps like Salesforce, Eventbrite, Shopify and SurveyMonkey.

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Easy automation

Simple yet powerful automation helps you create time-based onboarding and drip sequences. Give your new subscribers a warm welcome and keep them coming back by sharing engaging content or exclusive offers.

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Beautiful, responsive designs

Our suite of templates allows you to create a powerful, polished campaign in minutes – and your emails will always look great across all devices. You can also upload your own templates, or easily build from scratch using the drag and drop editor.

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Target specific groups of subscribers using data you upload and store in EmailOctopus. Send highly personalised emails to your contacts based on location, age, gender, or other preferences.

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Grow your list with custom forms

We make building your audience easy. Use our forms hosted by EmailOctopus to collect email addresses without any complex integrations. Or use our embedded forms or Wordpress plugin to collect subscriber data through your website – without writing a line of code.

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Our added features

  • Low cost

    Our pricing is tailored to your list size, so you only pay for what you use

  • Human support

    We’re an expert, dedicated team, and we’re always on hand to help

  • Great deliverability

    We make sure your emails reach your subscribers’ inboxes

  • GDPR compliance

    We keep your data safe. Our team are EU-based and we comply with all GDPR regulations

  • Real-time analytics

    Track every open, click, bounce and unsubscribe to learn what’s driving results and what isn’t

  • Developer API

    Integrate EmailOctopus into your own website and applications

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