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Increase brand awareness and attract new customers with GrowSurf's referral program software. Automatically create referral links for users and manage rewards within one platform. GrowSurf can be fully white-labelled so that it looks like you built the referral program from scratch.

When you integrate EmailOctopus with GrowSurf you can easily embed a referral program into your EmailOctopus emails with ready-made code snippets and customisable content. With this integration, GrowSurf will also add/update your EmailOctopus contacts every time a new participant is added or referred to your referral campaign.

How to integrate

Add GrowSurf contacts to your EmailOctopus list

Pricing starts at $775/month for up to 10,000 participants. A free trial is available. 

Support information
This integration is run by GrowSurf. You'll need to contact them with any questions.
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