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Find and advertise to new and existing customers across Google’s paid search, display network and Youtube platforms

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Create a wide range of campaigns types to reach and convert new and existing customers across Google’s advertising platforms using the free Google Ads tool. Integrating Google Ads with EmailOctopus enables you to fully manage and integrate your marketing activity across email, paid search, display ads and video (YouTube) channels.

For example, automatically add new contacts to your mailing list from Google Lead Form ads or traffic you’ve driven to your website forms, so you can follow up with an automated lead nurturing sequences via EmailOctopus. Other helpful automations, among many other options, include automatically adding your EmailOctopus mailing list contacts to custom audiences in Google Ads to either target or exclude them from your campaign activity.

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Google Ads is a free tool Google provides businesses to manage their marketing campaigns.

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This integration is run by Zapier. You'll need to contact them with any questions.
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