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API > Campaigns > Get Campaign Report: Links


Get information on the performance of links in the campaign.

api_key (string) Your API key.
200 (success) returns
data (array of structs)

Details of each link:

link (struct)

Details of the link:

url (string) The URL of the link.
clicked_total (int) The number of total clicks.
clicked_unique (object) The number of unique clicks.
paging (struct/array)

If there is more data available, an object is returned in the following format:

next (string) A link for the immediate next page of results.

If there is no more data to page, an empty array is returned.

Non-200 (error) returns

Details of the error:

code (string) The error code.
message (string) A description of the error.
Method-specific error codes
CAMPAIGN_NOT_FOUND The campaign could not be found.
CAMPAIGN_NOT_SENT The campaign does not have a status of 'SENT'.
CAMPAIGN_FEATURE_DISABLED The campaign does not have link tracking enabled.
API-wide error codes
INVALID_PARAMETERS Parameters are missing or invalid.
API_KEY_INVALID Your API key is invalid.
UNAUTHORISED You're not authorised to perform that action.
NOT_FOUND The requested endpoint does not exist.
UNKNOWN An unknown error has occurred.
Example request
Example response
                                "data": [
                                        "url": "",
                                        "clicked_total": 90,
                                        "clicked_unique": 73
                                        "url": "",
                                        "clicked_total": 0,
                                        "clicked_unique": 0
                                        "url": "",
                                        "clicked_total": 10,
                                        "clicked_unique": 4
                                "paging": []
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