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API > Lists > Delete Contact of List


Delete a contact of a list.

Route parameters
listId (string) The ID of the list.
memberId (string) The ID of the list contact, or an MD5 hash of the lowercase version of the list contact's email address.
api_key (string) Your API key.
200 (success) returns
An empty response.
Non-200 (error) returns

Details of the error:

code (string) The error code.
message (string) A description of the error.
Method-specific error codes
MEMBER_NOT_FOUND The contact could not be found.
API-wide error codes
INVALID_PARAMETERS Parameters are missing or invalid.
API_KEY_INVALID Your API key is invalid.
UNAUTHORISED You're not authorised to perform that action.
NOT_FOUND The requested endpoint does not exist.
UNKNOWN An unknown error has occurred.
Example request
Example response
Code sample